Rehearsals for Nell Gwynn
Rehearsals for Nell Gwynn

We are always looking for new talent of all ages, on stage or backstage. If you’d like to be involved in any of our productions (onstage or off) come along to a workshop and find out what we do. We are a friendly group always open to new people and new ideas.

Our next auditions are for the comedy murder mystery Murder in Play. Cast are 5 female, 3 male, various ages. The readthrough is on Tuesday 18th June with auditions on Tuesday 25th June. Rehearsals on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

All workshops and auditions are at 7.30pm upstairs at The Place Theatre.

Dramatis Personae  5 women,  3 men performing the play Murder at Priorswell Manor.

Lady Dorothy Cholmondley
– played by Renee Savage. A classically trained actress. Wife of the director. Age 50 -60.

 Boris Smolensky – the Director speaks with a Russian accent. He is younger than his wife. He has an enormous ego.

Major Rodney Pirbright
– played by Tim Fermor, slightly petulant, self obsessed actor. 30ish.

Virginia Cholmondley – played by Ginette Vincent. Extremely young, extremely pretty,and extremely brainless. 20ish.

Mrs Puttock – played by Christa d’Amato who used to be a regular character in a TV soap opera. 50+.

Triggs the maid – played by Sophie Lawton. Intelligent and attractive actress in her late 20s.

Mr. Papadopoulos – played by Harrison Bracewell, an actor of the old school. Has a drink problem and not good at remembering his lines. 60+.

Pat is the long suffering Stage Manager. Not particularly attractive, her paint stained T shirt and jeans do nothing to add to her charms.

As always our workshops and auditions are open to all. If you are awarded a part you will be required to become a member of the company and pay a small show fee.

If you’d like to help backstage with stage management, finding props, designing and building sets, designing and running sound and lighting or working with costumes and make-up then please come along to a workshop and make yourself known or use the contact form to get in touch.

Please use the contact form to get in touch if you would like to sign up for our email list or if you have any questions about these auditions