Hobson’s Choice

Hobsons Choice Poster

Alice Hobson – 20s, Hobson’s middle daughter likes knitting and fashion. Wishes to marry and to get away from the family business 

Vickey Hobson – 20s, likes reading and as above 

Albert Prosser – 20s/30s son of established solicitor

Henry Hobson – 50s, successful, coarse, self-made, obstinate 

Maggie Hobson – 30, strong willed, blunt, capable, no-nonsense

Mrs Hepworth, 50s-80s, wealthy, curt, but kind

Tubby Wadlow – 50s-70s, intelligent, works for Hobson as foreman

Will Mossop – 20s-early 30s, initially very shy and awkward due to traumatic past. His charm and charisma grow throughout the play

Jim Heeler – 40s-60s Grocer, Hobson’s friend 

Ada Figgins – early 20s, Will’s girlfriend, soon ‘dislodged’ by Maggie 

Freddy Beenstock – 20s-30s, respectable son of a businessman 

Dr McFarlane – 50s, domineering, – Scottish accent

Strong Lancashire accents will be required for most of the characters 

Workshop: Thursday  14th July 7.30pm, The Place – Find out more about the play and characters in this interactive session. You will take part in some themed games and also work on short extracts from the play, in small groups. 

Auditions: Friday 15th July 7.30pm, The Place

Monday 18th July 7.30pm, Zoom. Please email bdchobsonschoice@gmail.com to receive the Zoom meeting details.

Please note, audition details will be given at workshop, therefore it is important that you attend both sessions if you wish to audition. 

For further info, or to register interest please contact the director at bdchobsonschoice@gmail.com

As always with BDC, auditions are open to all, but if you accept a part you will be required to join the society and pay a small show fee.


We have postponed our workshops and auditions for Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

Watch this space or follow us on FB or Twitter for news.

Because this version interweaves Mary Shelley’s life with the Frankenstein story it is very much an ensemble piece and there are some great parts for women and for men; smaller parts too for those who don’t want to take a main part. Here’s the full Cast List, though there is the possibility of doubling.

Older Mary Shelley

Percy Shelley

Mary Shelley

George Gordon (Lord) Byron

Claire Clairmont

Viktor Frankenstein


Professor Waldman

The Creature

Henry Clerval

Mr/Mrs De Lacey







William Frankenstein

The Bride

Rehearsals for Nell Gwynn
Rehearsals for Nell Gwynn

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Our auditions are open to non-members and members. If you take a part you will be asked to join the company and pay a small show fee.

Contact us if you have any questions.


If you’d like to help backstage with stage management, finding props, designing and building sets, designing and running sound and lighting or working with costumes and make-up then please come along to a workshop and make yourself known or use the contact form to get in touch.

Please use the contact form to get in touch, if you would like to sign up for our email list or if you have any questions about auditions

Like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram or Twitter (click on the link) and you will get invites to the workshops and auditions, or use the contact form to get in touch .

We are always looking for new talent of all ages, on stage or backstage. If you’d like to be involved in any of our productions (onstage or off) come along to a workshop and find out what we do. We are a friendly group always open to new people and new ideas.

All actors must become members of BDC, currently £5 a year, and pay a fee for each show they perform in – currently £15 for drama and £25 for musicals.