Hobson’s Choice

Hobsons Choice Poster

Henry Hobson, self-made man, shopkeeper, boozer, and ruinously obstinate, is a tyrant to his daughters and a law unto himself. He believes that Maggie, his irrepressible eldest daughter, is too old to marry – which suits him fine, but when she defies Hobson’s wishes by marrying the meek Will Mossop, his own boot-maker, a battle of wills begins in which he stands to lose his business, his girls and his pride – but ultimately it is Hobson’s choice.

Set in late nineteenth century, Salford and first performed in the UK in 1916, it has been an enduring, comedy classic ever since. With its themes of class struggle, responsibility and family loyalty, Hobson’s Choice was ground breaking for its day and still has relevance today. 

Directed by Julie Shelton.

At The Place Theatre, February 2022.

Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

Postponed – watch this space for details.

A new adaptation of Frankenstein that recreates the origin of the tale during a stormy summer at Lord Byron’s villa on the shores of Lake Geneva and interweaves Mary Shelley’s own life with that of her famous creation.